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About Hajari Realty

Hajari Realty, Inc. is an emerging real estate firm specializing in hotel brokerage, financial consulting, and site evaluation & selection for the development of hotels & resorts. As being in the forefront of the hotel investment market, Hajari Realty, Inc. stays abreast of the capital markets to ensure to all of its clients’ the most up to date requirements from lenders in financing hotel assets as well as information on hotel industry trends in the U.S. through careful and extensive ongoing research. The primary focus this firm has in place is to exceed all expectations of its clients’ and build long-lasting relationships with both buyers and sellers located across the United States and all other parts of the world. We believe our clients’ help build our firm’s integrity and foundation, therefore, we are here to serve the investment community in making smart hotel investments with the commitment of achieving exceptional rate of returns for them. Hajari Realty, Inc.’s client base and representation in the industry includes everyone, such as first-time hotel purchasers, corporate hospitality & management companies, banks, and many more institutional / individual hoteliers.

Now, to indulge in the inner management structure of Hajari Realty, Inc. This hotel real estate firm is comprised of its principal founder and President, Mehul N. Hajari. Mr. Hajari has a wide array of expertise not only in the hotel real estate sector, but most importantly, in the key areas of hotel operations, management, development, sales, financing, and commercial real estate, including retail & land. This wealth of knowledge combined with his M.B.A. from Loyola University of Chicago / New Orleans allows him to disseminate a keen set of skills to facilitate both buyers and sellers.

Mehul has managed different types of hotels, ranging from under 100 rooms to over 100 rooms and from independents to franchised hotels. Fortunately, this firm has been able to gain knowledge in the newest hotel investment trend: Extended Stay Hotels. Reason being, Mehul encompasses an overwhelming expertise in managing extended-stay hotels from the ground up because he’s opened and managed several. Furthermore, having been able to manage everything from accounting to operations on the various size / types of hotels, allows Mehul to gain insight on how to effectively and truly find value-added opportunities in the hotel real estate market for buyers and sellers alike.

Key areas of expertise Hajari Realty, Inc. offers to you:

  • Selecting pockets of opportunities in the hotel sector for all types of buyers, regardless of price range by utilizing Hajari Realty, Inc.’s wealth of hands-on hotel experience and acquired business knowledge through emphasized education
  • Disposition of hotel assets for Sellers in a timely and effective manner
  • How to effectively and efficiently reposition hotel assets after an acquisition to maximize greater returns through selecting the right brand
  • Maximizing income by reducing and streamlining line item expenses depending on type of hotels
  • Facilitate first time hotel buyers in overcoming lack of knowledge and maximizing success potential

Increase Value For Clients

Every time we evaluate a property, our analysis includes in-depth market analysis, strategic planning, a current view of capital markets and a clear understanding of how industry trends affect a specific asset. Our experience in resolving complex issues related to hotel sales, debt and equity placements and ownership issues have allowed us to develop a reputation as a skilled advisor and closer. We have a unique perspective on hospitality real estate and a skill set that transcends traditional brokerage.